5 Best Crepes In L.A.

Like they say, “When in L.A, eat some crepes.”

1. The Blackberry Crepe

Blowing your tastebuds into crepe heaven, this crepe at Gourmet Crepe X-press Cafe (4.5 stars) is served with a tang of blackberries. The owner-chef is super friendly and brings his expertise from Southern France. Legit. $10 a pop + other crepe fantasies on their menu.

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2. The Clare Sweet Crepe

I don’t know who this Clare is, but now I like her. She’s loading it up with our classic faves: nutella, strawberries, and bananas. At under $8, this dessert is also packin’ the flaves. And why have a crepe when you can have a crepe, some sausage, and eggs? Rob’s Big Breakfast Combo does just that. Can’t go wrong with either of these at Jack N Jill’s Too (4 stars).

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3. The Red Bean Crepe 

Red bean crepe + Strawberries + Green Tea?! How is there so much awesome in one crepe? But there is–at Four Leaf Tea and Crepes (4 stars) in Little Tokyo. All the sweet crepes here are under $7. And not only that, they are doing the teas right with the perfect balance of sweet.

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4. The Healthy Crepe

Erring on the healthy side? (Is there such a thing for decadent crepes?) Then, this is the crepe for you. With the edges at a light crisp and the center perfectly soft, Crepes San Frontieres (4.5) in DTLA is serving buckwheat and wholewheat crepes + French accents. $10+ and totally worth it.

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5. The Super Cute Japanese Crepe

When we thought crepes could only satisfy our mouths, Mapaya (4 stars) proved us wrong. These eye candies come in an array of ice cream animal faces–green tea, strawberry, chocolate, etc. Only $5-6 and cash only. Excuse me while I go drool myself to sleep and dream about dancing animal crepes.

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