3 Exotic Foods People Don’t Talk About

Some people live on the edge. Others eat on the edge. Here are 3 exotic foods you won’t hear people talking about:

1. Fugu

Would you eat poison? Crazy as it seems, some people in Japan do. Parts of the Fugu fish contain tetrodotoxin which can cause respiratory problems, paralysis, and even death.

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However, when cooked properly by certified chefs, it is a delicacy that combines risk and intrigue with passion for food. Also, no one is complaining about the fact that it is also an aphrodisiac! (Maybe that’s why people are so hush about it.)

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2. Truffles

Fungus–this word does not evoke culinary pleasures. But think truffles, and you get extremely polarized opinions.

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Say what you will, there is no doubt that these fruiting bodies of fungi growing at the bottom of trees can elevate a dish to a whole new level. Certain truffles are highly prized and rare. One truffle weighing 3.3 lbs was reportedly sold for $160,787! Whoever dug up that truffle is a lucky guy (no wonder people don’t go around talking about them)!

You may find connoisseurs enjoying black truffles (picture above) with fine wine in Rome.

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3. Hornado

Ecuador is home of the hornado, a whole roasted pig served with vegetables.

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It checks all the exotic food boxes. Tastes great? Check. Amazing aroma found nowhere else? Check. Awesome instagram photo? Check and checkmate!

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