20 Super Cute Bentos You Have To See

I can’t guarantee you’ll be full, but… actually, they might be too cute to even eat. 

1. Hello Kitty

“If Hello Kitty is not a cat, I don’t know what to believe anymore!” Yeah, but did you know Hello Kitty is actually a sandwich?

(Photo by Melissa on flickr.com)

2. Emoticon Riceballs

Wow, is that brown rice and cooked tomatoes? Healthyy! And a Japanese towel to wipe you mouth too.

(Photo by Pink Ayla on flickr.com)

3. Chewbacca

Uhh, my sandwich looks like Chewbacca. Am I seeing stars? Yes, cheesy stars, in fact. Cheesy star wars. Duh-dum, tsssss…

(Photo by Melissa on flickr.com)

4. Chick Babies

Lol edamame for beaks, genius. Notice the chick on the left is a girl because it has a flower.

(Photo by gamene on flickr.com)

5. Disney

Mickey mouse goldfish! And did you notice the pretzels are also in a similar shape?

(Photo by Melissa on flickr.com)

6. Falafel Garden

Check out this other post about falafel. I find this quite a unique blend of decór… And is that lotion? Oh no, it’s tahini sauce, the sauce for your falafalafalafel.

(Photo by goblinbox(queen_of_ad_hoc_bento) on flickr.com)

7. Mouse Character

We had Mickey Mouse, and now we have… anime mouse character with heart T-shirt and raccoon friend!? …And take a look at the balloon. I thought the end of it was the mouse’s tail.

(Photo by MIKI Yoshihito on flickr.com)

8. Let’s Go Shopping

Like, oh my gosh, where did you get that dress? Like, are those earring grapes? Cute. And… if you thought I was going to make a Mean Girls reference, you were right. “Get in loser, we’re going fetching.” Wait, did I do it right?

(Photo by Melissa on flickr.com)

9. A Bug’s Life

At first you only see the little white cloud piece. Then you notice the creepy/cute Rosa Parks ladybug in the back of the box.

: X

(Photo by Maki on flickr.com)

10. Be Mine!

A box of Valentines chocolates featuring no chocolate? Oh just kidding, that looks like white chocolate… Oh just kidding again, that’s probably cheese.

(Photo by Melissa on flickr.com)

11. Rainy Day

What better way than this to recover from a rainy day of your ex making you a Valentines bento box only to break up with you? Look at those strawberry flowers. Just, wow. There is hope again.

(Photo by Melissa on flickr.com)

12. Octo-Rose

In the world of bento artistry, there is the octo-dog (hot dog cut to look like an octopus). And after all this talk about love, why not an octo-rose?

And speaking of dog…

(Photo by Maria on flickr.com)

13. Chihuahua Bento

Jk, I could never eat you, Mister Scruffles! …Jk again, don’t name your dog Mister Scruffles. Especially one like this, which has no scruffles.

(Photo by TheDeliciousLife on flickr.com)

14. Robots

Okay, kicking us back into gear… we have robots! I think the top two and bottom two robots are couples on a double date.

(Photo by Melissa on flickr.com)

15. Artsy Fartsy

Look at the design on this! Inversion of flower pattern on top, checkered apple piece… And notice that little bottle of soy sauce on the top left? Looks kind of like the bottle of tahini sauce in #6. Hmm…

(Photo by gamene on flickr.com)

16. Sausage Babies

At first I thought these were just cute sausage babies. But if you notice the top right one, it’s an octo-dog! …And check out that perfectly shaped tomato.

(Photo by saotin on flickr.com)

17. Musical Egg

Have you ever played Musical Egg? A hybrid between Musical Chairs and Hot Potato, you pick this egg up and pass it around until the music stops. Whoever it stops on is a rotten egg! :o

(Photo by gamene on flickr.com)

18. Arctic Zoo

Yes, the ice would melt by lunchtime. And if this were your normal diet, you’d not only be hungry but also diabetic… But look on the bright side, the colorful fish (top left) are fishing for whales using a pretzel stick. Oh, how the tables have turned!

(Photo by Melissa on flickr.com)

19. Frogger

Ribbit Ribbit! And…

(Photo by Melissa on flickr.com)

20. My Actual Lunch

Sigh… So much for cute bentos.

(Photo by goblinbox(queen_of_ad_hoc_bento) on flickr.com)
Featured image by Melissa on flickr.com.

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