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13 Crazy Hybrid Desserts You Never Knew About

While it’s a pleasure sharing these crazy hybrid desserts with you, it’s torture being reminded that I am currently deprived of these mouth-watering secrets. So, I’ll keep it short and sweet (yes, pun always intended): 

1. Ice Cream Cone + Cupcake

Cute novelty item and easy to make! Perfect add of crunch in your cupcake, and a great idea for parties.

(Photo via flickr.com)

2. Apple Pie + Ice Cream Cone

Warm pie crust cone topped with an icy scoop of apple pie ice cream . Oh my gosh…yes.

(Photo via flickr.com)

3. Piñata + Cake

Imagine having a beautifully colored cake exploding with all your favorite candies. That would be the piñata cake. Pretty creative.

(Photo via flickr.com)

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie + Cone

A super chocolate chip cookie, rolled into a cone. It’s like a pizookie you can hold!

(Photo and source via dudefoods.com)

5. Jello + Pie + Cake

Instead of a hybrid, I think this is called a tribrid? The crust of a pie, the fluffiness of a cake, and the jiggliness of jello. They can call it the Jiggli-fluff. Hehehe…heh…

(Photo via flickr.com)

6. Yogurt + Jello + Pie

Another trybrid (tribrid?)! Except with yogurt instead of cake. Wow, that looks pretty healthy with the fruits, and I can see myself enjoying it with a coffee on the side on a nice Sunday morning.

(Photo via flickr.com)

7. Ice Cream Cone + Brownie

Hm… reminds me of #1, except without cupcake decór. Nonetheless, the thick brownie chocolatiness and light cone crunchiness make a sweet combo.

(Photo via flickr.com)

8. Cookie Dough + Cheesecake

For the cheesecake and cookie dough lovers, this is simply a riot. Satisfy both of these decadent cravings at once!

(Photo via flickr.com)

9. Ice Cream Cake On A Cone… Literally

I feel like you can put anything on an ice cream cone to get a hybrid. Nonetheless, definitely easier to cut ice cream into cake slices instead of scooping. Clever hack.

(Photo via flickr.com)

10. Pizza + Donut

Who said donuts had to be sweet, or that pizzas had to be flat? Get the fluffiness of a donut and the flavor of the pizza in this ring of delight!

(Photo via flickr.com)

11. Ice Cream Cones + Cake

Now you are able to have your ice cream cone and cake and eat it too! But seriously, slap an ice cream cone with another dessert, and you are the master of hybrid desserts!

(Photo via corbisimages.com)

12. Guinness + Chocolate Cake

Made with malted Guinness, chocolate, and cream cheese (or whipped cream), the Guinness Chocolate Cake is a decadent (and tipsy) reality.

(Photo via flickr.com)

13. Caramel Apple + Cheesecake

This delight combines two stand alone desserts: caramel apple and cheesecake. And it has three sweet-tooth satisfiers–drizzling caramel, sour apple, and rich cheesecake. Mmm, can’t wait to dive in.

(Photo via flickr.com)

And…there we have it! Now the onus is on you to find where these crazy desserts are hidden. I, on the other hand, have to go invent the next biggest dessert by finding an ice cream cone and attaching it to something.

Featured image via flickr.com.
Written and researched by contributor wfr and hungry hacker; edited and posted by hungry hacker.

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